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moikworks is a video game development stduio aiming to bring quality content of every genre to your devices, including phones, computers, and consoles. we will never use the modern predatory tricks others use, like forced ads and releasing half-baked products. we've been there, and we're looking to make this a better experience for all.

meadow "moik" "moikheck" "golem" heckman


the woman of many similar nicknames. moik started moikworks in 2023 with the intent of fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating games with friends and releasing them to the world. though there are many ideas always floating around in her head, she does her best to balance the books, games, and music that constantly keeps her busy.

you can find her personal website at



this could be you! if you're interested in joining the team, or adding your game to the moikworks roster, reach out to today!